Green Farm Innovation

This initiative was conceived to support businesses towards their “green evolution”.

The Green Farm Innovation initiative was initiated in 2020 in response to European environmental policies such as the European Green Deal and the From Farm-to-Fork strategy. 

More information on the Green Deal and From Farm to Fork strategy.


Green Farm Innovation aims to seize the new “green” opportunities and support Italian businesses and supply chains in the green transformation required by the European Union.

Develop innovation in agriculture for a more efficient, ecological and economically sustainable agriculture.

Reduce the environmental impact of agri-food productions

Develop technology to digitize supply chains production processes

Boost the circular economy and reduce waste in the production system

Use renewable energies within businesses and in industry productions

Implement precision agriculture

Provide economic support to businesses thanks to the search for European funds

Our Expert Scientific Committee

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SG Project, has set up an “Expert Scientific Committee”, for innovation projects. This is a working team of prominent experts with state-of-the art knowledge and expertise in a broad variety of relevant areas (politics, institutions, design, economics, society, technical and scientific) to offer an all-round service ranging from consultancy (as the first step), to finding the relevant call, providing design, through to the practical implementation of the project and final reporting.

Simona Caselli

Institutional Area
President of AREFLH

Ersilia di Tullio

Technical and Scientific Area


Angelo Frascarelli

Technical and Scientific Area
Professor at the Department of Agrarian, Food and Environmental Sciences at Università degli studi di Perugia,

National and international development plans, based on the client’s specific requirements

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