Mr. Fruitness and the Fruitness

The superheroes of wellbeing

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    CSO – Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli

The project

La frutta: un gioco da ragazzi” (2006/2009), “La Frutta: un gioco da ragazzi! Proseguimento” (2009/2012) and “Fruitness, Enjoy it!” (2012/2015) are the three 3-year projects promoted by CSO Italy – Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli together with its member businesses (Apo Conerpo, Apofruit, Afe, Cico, Granfrutta Zani, Orogel Fresco, PempaCorer, Made in Blu).
The project, which was confirmed for three editions, targeted European countries (Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Austria), with the aim of attracting the attention of young consumers (school children, adolescents and young adults aged 30 and under in the last phase of the campaign), promoting “easy” and fun consumption of fruits. Two colorful testimonials were chosen for the campaign – Mister and Miss Fruitness – two superheroes committed to spread healthy lifestyles and emphasize the importance of exercise.

For this project, SG Project developed creativity and PR activities (trade and consumer, targeting medical and healthcare professionals specifically), communication through the website and social media, adv campaigns, participation in the Fruitlogistica trade fair in Berlin, in-store actionsto provide information, BtoB meetings, roadshows and participation in Expo Milano 2015.
The project is co-funded by the European Union under EC Reg. 3/2008.


Events for consumers

In the nine years of campaign, the activities addressing consumers have been the main strength of the project, ranging from promotion days in the stores of the leading European large-scale retailers to the roadshow in Germany dedicated to the Abate Fétel pear, through to participation in 2015 in Expo Milano when, together with the journalists of Gazzetta dello Sport, Mr. Fruitness awarded prizes to five international sportsmen and sportswomen including Carlton Myers, former basket player of the Italian basket team, Marco Bonitta, coach of the Italian female volleyball team, Mara Fullin, team manager of the Italian female basketball team, Iader Fabbri, nutritionist of the Italian cycling team, Ivan Gianesini, rugby champion and Marcello Lippi, coach of the Italian soccer team that won the 2006 World Championship.


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