It’s always the right time to enjoy fruits and veggies!

  • Date:
    2016/ 2019
  • Client:

The project

FRUIT 24 is a three-year (2016-2019) project for the Italian market promoted by APO CONERPO, the leading European association of fruits and vegetables producers, to boost focus on fruits and vegetables, encourage conscious daily consumption and suggest a variety of menus depending on the seasons and different times of day.

For Fruit24! Sg Project developed an online and offline communication campaign, a website and a Facebook page, a calendar of consumer events across Italy as well as information-provision and in-store promotional activities.

The Fruit24! project is a program aimed to provide information on, and promote, fresh fruits and vegetables in the domestic market in accordance with EG Reg. 501/2008.

Events for consumers

The Fruit 24! project aims to inform consumers of the importance and pleasantness of adding fruits and vegetables to one’s daily diet. It suggests menus that vary depending on the seasons and different times of day.
To do this, a calendar of varied consumer events was organized across Italy, on beaches and in city squares: besides sports and cultural events, the fruits and vegetables departments of Italian large-scale retail stores were also engaged.

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